Customer-secured Hologram Pack

Customer-secured holograms

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Customer-secured Hologram Pack

Download the instructions and template here

Our coins are supplied funded with a Private Key already located under the hologram on the reverse. Should you feel uncomfortable that your Private Key has been exposed to us, we offer you the opportunity replace this by using our customer secured holograms pack.

An offline wallet, or keeping your crypto-currency in what is sometimes known as 'cold storage', is the best way to secure your funds. Using our Customer Secured Hologram pack makes it simple for you to generate your own Private Key. The provided template allows you to create a print out of your Private Key and secure it under a special hologram on the reverse of your coin.

Our customer funded pack contains 3 holograms. You can download a user guide here containing a template to allow you to print out your private key to the correct size. This will then fit neatly underneath the supplied hologram. All you'll need is some quality paper to print your private key on. Full instructions of how to generate your own private key can be found on our Information Page .

Cold storage or an offline wallet is the recommended way to secure your funds. By using our customer pack you can keep your physical coin and Private Key together. With 3 holograms supplied per pack you can either update the private key on a number of coins or regularly refresh them if you want to.

NOW SHIPPING Shipping Worldwide

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