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Coinographic was set up a as a result of the genuine interest of the Director in digital currencies. Initially this interest was in the technology and the mining of digital currencies. It later developed into a belief in digital currency itself and its ability to change the way the world does business.

This led to the purchase of some physical coins, which, quite frankly, were disappointing. As a result Coinographic came into being, with the commitment to forge original, high quality collectable coins for the community.

Coinographic is Limited Company set up in in the UK under company registration number 08773620, at the start of 2014. The aim was to support crypto-currencies by producing physical coins that can only be purchased using the digital currency they represent. We felt there was a gap in the market for physical coins produced to a high standard crafted from top quality materials. We also wanted to involve the crypto-currency community in the development of our coins. In this way we hoped to make them truly representative of the crypto-currency revolution.

Initially producing physical Litecoin, it is our hope to produce physical coins representing various crypto-currencies in the future.

Our registered office address is:

Proud members of the Litecoin Association Proud members of UKDCA

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