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Top 5 Colleges In The US Offering Cryptocurrency Courses

Students nowadays are lucky enough to choose from a wide variety of courses in college. The education sector has made sure that students will be updated with the innovation that is happening in society, and the courses being offered are tailored to fit in the real world. Cryptocurrency is one course that is now readily available in colleges. The emergence of this digital asset into the business world and other sectors has helped and gave huge benefits by using it as a medium of exchange. The safety features that it has, overwhelmed the people, which is why more and more are encouraged to know more about it. If you have zero knowledge about cryptocurrency then taking up a course in college is suggested.
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Top Colleges in the US Offering Cryptocurrency Courses

1. Stanford University
Stanford University leads the other colleges in offering cryptocurrency courses. They have ten courses that are intended for blockchain studies and cryptocurrency in their institution. Students who usually do not go for boring classes like macroeconomics, surprisingly storm it because everyone is interested. Blockchain Bitcoin Engineering studies is one of their leading courses the students can take up.
2. Cornell University
This school offers nine courses that students can study with cryptocurrency and other things related to it. This has now become viral because students see the future in using this medium of exchange that is why Cornell University has formulated a program solely for it.
3. The University of Pennsylvania
This university also now participates in offering six cryptocurrency courses, allowing students from their area and nearby places to study it. The school has envisioned that cryptocurrency takes on a big role to play in the future. This is why they made sure that as one reputable University in the country, they will be among the first to offer a program to the students to study.
4. Princeton University
They are offering a course that is called “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies”. Professor Arvin Narayanan is one of the respectable mentors in the university and is the one teaching the course to students.
5. University of California
This is now offering a developed open-source undergraduate cryptocurrency course. They target to offer it to their own students, alumni, and the community around them to give input on how to use cryptocurrency and blockchain in the future.
Cryptocurrency will be useful especially in the future. This is why taking courses will be helpful to the students.

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